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Natural Ways to Increase Your Sperm Volume

Increase sperm volume

Cumming like a porn star is not a dream any more. Find out why.

Men typically want to have a bigger sperm volume. The reasons for this desire usually are quite different. Some of them just want to achieve a more masculine image by ejaculating great loads of sperm like porn stars, while others hope that increased sperm volume will improve their fertility.

Increased sperm is very beneficial for men who are about to have children, because it leads to boosted sperm count and enhanced fertility. A healthy sperm count should be about 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen and the amount of ejaculated sperm is about 2 milliliters. However, male fertility depends on other factors too, including sperm morphology and viability.

Boosted sperm volume can provide more intense, long lasting and stronger orgasms. During an orgasm, various muscles in the male body contract in order to ejaculate. This means that if the volume of ejaculated semen is bigger, the contractions will be stronger. Thus, an increased sperm volume will also prolong the orgasm, its power and the pleasurable sensations you experience.

In addition, your sexual partner may also enjoy your increased semen volume. Some women gain sexual enjoyment from a longer lasting ejaculation with increased load.

The market is literally flooded with male semen enhancement products but you can boost your sperm volume by eating special foods and taking some herbal supplements.

The first thing you need to know is that you should reduce the number of ejaculations in order to boost the semen volume. This allows you to accumulate a bigger amount of semen.

Men over 40 years of age may consider to improve the levels of testosterone in their bodies. This male hormone is not directly involved in semen production but still is part of the process. Testosterone has many other benefits: it helps you to achieve harder erections and enhanced sexual sensations.

The levels of testosterone in your body could be boosted in some natural ways, too. You should exercise more, have enough sleep at night, and avoid stress. You can start taking natural supplement that increases the production of testosterone. Also, some foods are very beneficial, as well as certain minerals and vitamins that will help you boosting your semen volume.

Vitamins that help semen quality and quantity


Vitamin C is valued for its antioxidant effects. It can increase the quality of sperm and its mobility by not allowing it to clump together. Another benefit of taking vitamin C is that it protects the DNA of the sperm from being damaged somehow.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. It is very useful for both sexes because it improves both male and female fertility. In addition, vitamin E is very helpful for sperm volume enhancement.

Zinc is one of the main ingredients of the sperm. That’s why the usage of zinc supplements will boost the production of sperm and increase its quality. Insufficient zinc levels are one of the main reasons for low sperm count in men.

Essential fatty acids have many benefits. They also take an important part in the production of prostaglandins found in the seminal fluid. If the levels of prostaglandins are low, then the quality and viability of sperm may worsen.

Sperm enhancement supplements

Sperm enhancement supplements are specially developed products to boost the sperm volume and helps you produce more semen. These supplements contain different herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins that are specially selected because of their influence on potency. However, increased semen volume is not the only benefit of these natural supplements. They will also help you to obtain harder and long lasting erections, more intense orgasms and more powerful ejaculations.

Increasing your sperm volume is not always about making your erotic dreams come true, but also when it comes time to make babies. Thanks to studies and experts in this field, now is more than possible to reach the sperm count you want. The only thing you need to do, if following the advices and if needed – take some herbal supplements.

Whether you want to ejaculate huger amount of sperm in order to be like a porno star, or just desire of having children and need to increase your chances, all men are looking for this. And it has something to do with the orgasm in men – more cup loads – longer and better experiencing the feeling of ejaculation.

Useful Tips To Boost Your Sperm Count

increased and healthy sperm

Free Your Buddies. Leave a space for your testicles to “breathe.” Your body temperature could cause lower sperm production, so you need to think of another underwear – men shorts, boxers.

Try Some Supplements, Not Prescription Drugs! As we have already mentioned above, if you willing to buy a herbal product, make sure to contains L-carnitine, Folic acid, L-arginine, vitamin E and selenium – the main ingredients helping sperm increasing.

Exercising Your PC Muscle. By doing it, you will have the ability to shoot further than ever before. This does not have any great effect on sperm production, but will help you for sure in the process.

Drink Less Alcohol. Well known fact is that alcohol prevents the good sperm production, because of the rising estrogen levels, not testosterone. Two drinks a day will be bad for you in a long-term.

Do Not Masturbate or Make Sex Frequently. You have already noticed it – to have huge load of cup, the often sex activities and ejaculation won’t fill out the tank.

Focus On What You Eat. Now is the time to start thinking of what you eat and what you shouldn’t eat. Men are what they eat, and this is not just a words. Go on diet that’s low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health.

Quit Smoking. Another fact. Smoking affects your sperm count, dramatically (smokers have 22% less sperm count than those, who don’t smoke). And it is not all about the quantity, but also the quality – your swimmers are slower and smaller.

No matter what is the reason for increasing your semen volume and production, you can choose one of the above-mentioned natural and completely safe methods.

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